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Archaeological Training Excavation

Monday 22nd August -- Friday 2nd September 2011
9.00 am -- 5.00 pm

Directors: Mark Roberts, Richard Morris

The excavations will focus on characterising traces of outbuildings that appear on maps from 1789 and disappear by the end of the 19th century.

The 1789 survey, the Tithe Map and first edition of the Ordnance Survey show a building that lay aslant and across the south-western boundary of the site as it exists today. However, the maps disagree as to its exact position, while the line of the boundary has itself been adjusted, and none gives enough detail to suggest its function.

In August 2009 the Trust undertook a small exploratory excavation to locate the building, using methods and with results about which you can read in our reports page.  In 2010 the area of study was extended, revealing a line of structures and features.  Work will resume in August 2011 to complete study of the structures, which on present evidence were mainly built of timber, to obtain dates for the different segments and ascertain their uses.

The work is open to anyone over the age of 16 who would like to gain experience of archaeological excavation. Beginners welcome. A rebate is available for those who have dug with us before.

The dig will be led by Dr Mark Roberts (Institute of Archaeology, University College London) and Professor Richard Morris (University of Huddersfield).   The tuition ratio will be 1:4.

More information about the excavation is available in the Information for Applicants.

Course fees
Two weeks: £350.00
One week: £240.00

Non residential and rebate
Two weeks: £310.00
One week: £210.00

Daily rate
Minimum three consecutive days £105.00

To reserve a place:

Contact at theblackdentrust.org.uk

By post:
The Blackden Trust
Holmes Chapel

Tel: 01477 571445

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