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The Blackden Trust celebrates the crafts and skills that have created a unique heritage on a small parcel of land at the heart of Blackden.

Discover and enjoy artefacts from its ten thousand years of history, the architecture of two timber-framed houses, and the countless stories of the people who have lived and worked here, and who make the atmosphere of the place so vibrant today.

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Saturday 26th July, 2014
Open Day
Ancient secrets: pottery and the stories it tells
Do you find bits of pottery in your garden? Do you wonder where they came from, or what they can tell us? Visit The Blackden Tust on 26 July and discover pots excavated from the site; have a go at pot washing and reconstructing broken pots; touch ceramics of different ages and guess their uses; see and handle replica pots based on finds from Blackden; meet archaeologists and talk to them about what pottery can tell us; bring your pottery for identification or dating; tour the Tudor Old Medicine House and explore its garden; discover the Goostrey Parish Archive. If have things to show the archivists, bring them along. Young archaeologists welcome Entry: £5 adults, children free

Saturday 23th August, 2014
Conducted Tour
The Old Medicine House and Garden
Fee: £7.50 includes tea and cake