• 1970 - 1972 - Old Medicine House Moved

    At Blackden… Old Medicine House taken to pieces, brought to Blackden and reassembled

  • 1970 - Old Medicine House

    Elsewhere… The Old Medicine House is on the point of demolition at Wrinehill

  • 1970 - Toad Hall

    At Blackden… An image was taken showing Toad Hall as it was in 1970  

  • 1957 - Jodrell Bank and Sagittarius

    Elsewhere… Jodrell Bank radio telescope, half a mile north-east of Toad Hall, comes into use. Light from the star cluster […]

  • 1957 - Alan Garner moves into Toad Hall

    At Blackden… Alan Garner moves into Toad Hall and begins writing ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’

  •  - Toad Hall cultivates Gooseberries

    At Blackden… Frank Carter breeds gooseberry cultivars in Toad Hall’s garden

  • 22 January 1901 - Queen Victoria’s Death

    Elsewhere… Queen Victoria Dies

  • c. 1890 - Red Lion Public House

    Elsewhere… Businessman Samuel Johnson acquires the old Red Lion public house in Wrinehill and converts it to use as a […]

  • 1881 - First Boer War

    Elsewhere… The First Boer War between the united Kingdom and the South African Republic takes place

  • 1881 - Toad Hall Occupied

    At Blackden… Toad Hall is occupied by two railway signalmen and their families

  • 1865 - End of American Civil War

    Elsewhere… The American Civil War comes to an end

  • 1845 - Gooseberry Societies

    Elsewhere… 171 gooseberry societies are registered in northern England – the high point of a craze for competitive growing and […]

  • 1841 - The Old Curiosity Shop

    Elsewhere… ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’ by Charles Dickens printed in book form

  • 1841 - Manchester-Crewe Railway

    At Blackden… The Manchester-Crewe railway opens

  • 1789 - First US Congress Meeting

    Elsewhere… Meeting of first US Congress declares the new United States Constitution to be in effect

  • Plan and Survey Book of Heawood Demesne 1789 Reproduced by kind permission of the Chetham's Library, Manchester

    1789 - First Map of Blackden

    At Blackden… The earliest existing map of Blackden is drawn. Plan and Survey Book of Heawood Demesne 1789 Reproduced by […]

  • 1763 - 1775 - Atmospheric Steam Engine

    Elsewhere… James Watt develops the atmospheric steam engine

  • 1764 - “The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”

    Elsewhere… Edward Gibbon conceives his project to write ‘The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’

  • 1764 - Broken Gravestones

    At Blackden… Broken Gravestone of John Hocknell bears inscription that reads: “… of John Hocknell, son of George and Joan […]

  • 1707 - Acts of Union

    Elsewhere… Acts of Union 1707 abolish the kingdoms of England and Scotland, creating a unified Kingdom of Great Britain with […]

  •  - Shoes in Toad Hall

    At Blackden… Shoes are placed in the roof of Toad Hall

  • 1660 - Charles II

    Elsewhere… Charles II, the ‘Merry Monarch’, becomes king of England, Scotland and Ireland

  • 1642 - 1651 - Civil Wars

    Elsewhere… Civil Wars are raging

  • 1642 - 1651 - Lead Bullets and Cannons

    At Blackden… Lead bullets and cannon fragments are stored at Blackden

  • 26 April 1616 - Shakespeare’s Death

    Elsewhere… The poet Shakespeare dies in Statford-upon-Avon

  • 1604 - The King James Bible

    Elsewhere… Work begins on the King James Bible. Additionally, the Medicine House is extended, its interior decorated and the date […]

  • 1561 - Toad Hall Repairs

    At Blackden… Toad Hall undergoes repairs

  •  - Side-saddle Stirrup at the Medicine House

    Elsewhere… A Side-saddle stirrup is sequestered in the Medicine House

  • 20th January 1540 - Abbey of St Werburgh

    Elsewhere… The Abbey of St Werburgh, Chester, and its possessions are surrendered to the Crown

  • 20th January 1540 - Blackden Changes Hands

    At Blackden… The ownership of Blackden is transferred

  • 1536 - 1541 - Henry VIII

    Elsewhere… Henry VIII disbands England’s religious houses.

  • 16th Century - The Medicine House is built

    Elsewhere… The Medicine House is built at Wrinehill on Egerton estate

  • 1515 - The Manchester Grammar School is founded

    Elsewhere… Hugh Oldham founds The Manchester Grammar School

  • 1485 - Battle of Bosworth

    Elsewhere… The Battle of Bosworth opens the Tudor age

  • 15th Century - Toad Hall

    At Blackden… Toad Hall is built

  •  - The Pilgrims Flask

    At Blackden… Pilgrim’s ampulla (lead flask), found in a nearby field where it may have been left after the sprinkling […]

  • 14th Century - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

    Elsewhere… Writing of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The story, written in dialect local to this area, tells of […]

  • 1348 - 1349 - The Black Death

    Elsewhere… The Black Death kills up to 60% of England’s population

  • 1287 - St Lucia’s Flood

    Elsewhere… St Lucia’s Flood in Netherlands – the fifth largest recorded flood in history

  • 1287 - Blackdens Boundaries are drawn

    At Blackden… Blackden’s boundaries described in an agreement between the abbot of the monastery of St Werburgh, Chester, and Thomas […]

  • 1200 - 1220 - The Magna Carta

    Elsewhere… The Magna Carta (1215) establishes principle that everybody is subject to the law, limits the power of the monarch […]

  • 1200 - 1220 - Hawise’s Seal

    At Blackden… Hawise’s seal: the letters read “Sigillum Hawise de Gostre Do(minae)” – The Seal of Hawise, Lady of Goostrey’. […]

  • 12th Century - Blackden joins St Werburgh

    At Blackden… The vill of Goostrey, and Blackden with it, are given to the religious community of St Werburgh, Chester

  • 14th October 1066 - Battle of Hastings

    Elsewhere… The Battle of Hastings brings England under Norman rule

  • c. 1000 - Beowulf

    Elsewhere… The manuscript of the epic poem Beowulf is created

  • c. 1000 - The Mason’s Cross

    At Blackden… A cross carved by a mason is set up on a now-lost site between Leek and Macclesfield. Centuries […]

  • 868 - Oldest extant Books

    Elsewhere… The oldest extant printed book is produced in China

  • 4th Century - Constantine the Great

    Elsewhere… Christianity becomes officially sanctioned in the Roman Empire under Constantine the Great, emperor from 306-337

  • 4th Century - Roman Pottery

    At Blackden… Roman pottery and low-value copper coin, minted in Antioch, are stored at Blackden

  • AD 122 - Hadrian’s Wall

    Elsewhere… The construction of Hadrian’s Wall is begun

  • 2nd Century - Roman Fibula

    At Blackden… A Roman fibula (brooch for fastening garments) is left at Blackden

  • AD 43 - Roman Invasion

    Elsewhere… Full Roman invasion of southern Britain begins

  •  - Cosmetic Mortar

    At Blackden… Cosmetic Mortar is made at Blackden

  • 4 BC - Birth of Christ

    Elsewhere… The Birth of Christ. Traditionally thought of as AD 0, this moment defines how since the 6th century we […]

  • 490 BC - Battle of Marathon

    Elsewhere… The Battle of Marathon takes place, marking the start of the Persian invasion of Greece

  • 776 BC - First Olympic Games

    Elsewhere… The first Olympic Games are held in Olympia in Greece

  • 1,250 BC - Troy VII Destroyed

    Elsewhere… Troy VII – a candidate for Homer’s Troy – is destroyed

  • 1,250 BC - Votive Axe Head

    At Blackden… The Votive Bronze Axe Head that was discovered at Blackden is made

  • c. 1,700 BC - Hebrews held captive

    Elsewhere… The Hebrews are held captive in Egypt

  • c. 1,700 BC - Cremated Remains

    At Blackden… Cremated remains of several children and an adult are buried

  • 2,500 BC - Great Pyramid of Giza Built

    Elsewhere… The Great Pyramid of Giza was built

  • 2,500 BC - Flint Arrowhead

    At Blackden… The flint arrowhead that was discovered at Blackden was made

  • 3,000 BC - Stonehenge begun

    Elsewhere… The construction of Stonehenge begun

  • 3,000 BC - Flint Blades

    At Blackden… The flint blades that were discovered at Blackden were made

  • c. 6,000 BC (Late Mesolithic) - Çatal Höyük

    Elsewhere… Çatal Höyük, Turkey: a proto-city that flourished c.7500-5700 BC

  • c. 6,000 BC (Late Mesolithic) - Flint Knife

    At Blackden… The flint knife found at Blackden was made

  • 8,000 BC (Early Mesolithic) - Star Carr

    Elsewhere… Star Carr, a much-studied site near Scarborough, originally at the edge of a lake, gives evidence for an abundance […]

  • 8,000 BC (Early Mesolithic) - First Sign of Humans

    At Blackden… Flints worked as blades for cutting and borers for making holes are the first signs of human presence

  • c. 9,500 BC - End of the Last Glacial Period

    Elsewhere… End of the last glacial period and the start of our age – the Holocene. As glaciers shrink, plants […]

  • c. 9,500 BC - The Land Warms Up

    In Blackden… The land warms. A lake of impounded water from melting ice bursts suddenly: the flood carves out the […]