The workshops below link to the National Curriculum, but students also learn the skills they will need to extract information and to think creatively in whatever subject they choose to follow.
Part of every workshop takes place in The Old Medicine House which dates to the 16th century, giving additional relevance to those on Tudor history and local history.
All the workshops can be adapted to suit the requirements of individual schools. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Key Stages 2 & 3 (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

MATHS – Mathematical Enquiry – Historical Measurement

This workshop focuses on ways of estimating and checking measurements of height, width, distance and time. It uses the fabric of The Old Medicine House to provide a history of measurement in practical terms. By using early body-centred methods students discover why standard units became necessary.

MATHS – Maths, Mazes and Mysteries

Children are encouraged to observe their surroundings and to start thinking like mathematicians.
They are introduced to concept of problem solving and the ways to break a problem down in order to solve it. They are given three problems to solve during the day: how to design a labyrinth; how to create codes which are difficult to break; and where to find the mysterious signs that were made to protect The Old Medicine House.

HISTORY – Footsteps Through Time

A day of creative enquiry. Using objects, buildings and the landscape itself, children consider the lives of those who shaped the site over the past 10,000 years. They examine photographs; identify artefacts from the site; date pottery sherds; and create time lines to uncover the history of the area. The workshop encourages children to reflect on memory, history and their own perceptions of time.

ENGLISH – Labyrinth – A Journey of Discovery

Children are introduced to the concept of the labyrinth as a journey of discovery. Initially the activities demand close observation of features of The Old Medicine House and its garden. As the day progresses, children are encouraged to become more reflective. This leads them into a working on a piece of creative writing, which completes their own unique journey of discovery.

ENGLISH – A Writer’s World

This workshop guides children through the places and objects that influence a writer’s work. Drawing on the work of Alan Garner, who has spent much of his life at Blackden, it uses detailed observation and creative writing to show how apparently mundane things can be transformed by the perception and craft of a writer.

HISTORY – Prehistory at Blackden

Children will spend the day on land that has been occupied since the Mesolithic, 10,000 years ago. Through stories of the people who lived on the site, they will learn about the three stages of prehistory. They will see and handle some of the archaeological objects found on the site and have hands on experience of some prehistoric activities.