Education at Blackden

Our school workshops draw on the 10,000 year history of human occupation of the site. Students learn by working with objects found in the 15th and 16th century houses, in the garden and the surrounding fields.

The workshops are enquiry based and incorporate hands-on activities designed to enhance the learning experience. By dividing large classes into small groups, we are able to provide intensively-supported workshops, which give everyone the opportunity to work creatively with primary evidence. Students are encouraged to discuss their ideas and listen to the opinions of their peers. This exposes them to new concepts and ignites interests in subjects they may not have encountered before.

This is an inspiring concept for all curious children.

“…We had a fantastic, immersive day for year 3 and 4 pupils from Nether Alderley. One of the highlights was handling a range of objects found on the site. The children were particularly inspired by the flint – imagining who had held it and how they had used it.”

Nether Alderley Primary School

The workshops link to the National Curriculum, but students also learn the skills they will need to extract information and to think creatively in whatever subject they choose to follow.
Part of every workshop takes place in The Old Medicine House which dates to the 16th century, giving additional relevance to those on Tudor history and local history.

All the workshops can be adapted to suit the requirements of individual schools.

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