6th Form Workshops

Students are introduced to skills and procedures that they will encounter during their university education. They work with artefacts and documentary records from our site which has yielded evidence of continuous occupation for 10,000 years.



The workshops support A Level and the Extended Project Qualification. Their value lies in the academic standard of their cross-curricular content and their university seminar form. In order to encourage informed discussion, the maximum number of students at each workshop is twelve. The workshops are of particular value to Sixth Formers preparing for university.

Learning at The Blackden Trust is student-led; it encourages questions from the students. This lends itself to flexibility so that each workshop can be adapted to the skills, interests, and strengths of the students.


Work Experience

The Blackden Trust offers work experience to Sixth Form students on Wednesday afternoons during the school year. It holds several collections and archives.  Students work with these resources during their work experience sessions at the Trust.