In October 2017 John Turner gathered composers and musicians to create ‘Chimney Music’, a concert to celebrate the 80th birthdays of both Alan Garner and Gordon Crosse, who composed Chimney Piece for the occasion.  Gordon said it was a musical impression of Alan lighting the fire in the Old Medicine House chimney.

The musicians were John Turner – recorder; Alistair Vennart – Viola; and Tom Verity – Clarinet

Several other pieces also had their first performances at the concert.


Chimney Piece Programme

Gordon Crosse: Chimney Piece, for recorder, clarinet and viola – first performance

John Joubert: Exequy, for solo viola, Op. 181

Gordon Crosse: A Year and a Day, for solo clarinet

  1. S. Bach, arr. Andrew Plant: Two Preludes and Fugues – G Major and B flat Major for recorder, clarinet and viola – first performance

Elis Pehkonen: Hymn to the Sun, for solo recorder

James Francis Brown: Evening Changes, for recorder, clarinet and viola

David Beck: G-R-A-T-E, for recorder, clarinet and viola – first performance.


Musicians, John Dipper and James Patterson, created and performed ‘Fireside Folk’ an intimate evening of music and discussion, exploring the diverse and inspiring folk song heritage that is still pertinent today.