Special Interest Days

There are so many intriguing aspects to Blackden that a first visit often ignites a visitor’s curiosity to know more about a specific subject.

Every year we organise a number of special interest days; longer sessions where we examine artefacts and documents, explore the fabric of the buildings or the surrounding land and draw on the history of Blackden to give you a window into a different aspect of the past.

Make your own sixteenth century herbal medicine, hear about the parallel histories of Blackden and its neighbour the Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank. See the original Owl Service plate that inspired Alan Garner’s novel of the same name and hear Griselda Garner’s true family story at the root of the tale. Whether your interests are in literature, archaeology, history or architecture, there will be something to inspire you at Blackden.

Book now for this season’s special interest days. Places are limited.

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Upcoming Special Interest Days
Stars and Stones
Spring 2021 to be confirmed
The Blackden Trust and Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre

Stars and Stones offers a rare opportunity to explore The Blackden Trust and Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre on the same day. You’ll have the chance to discover the science and the stories that link these two great sites and to find out more about the visionary people who have cared for and evolved these magical places.